I am a British photographer, writer and curator interested in power and the structures that create and contest it. Through this interest, I also engage with questions about how to document and explain issues which are complex, abstract, or otherwise defy traditional methods of visual representation. In making this work I aim to make audiences aware of the larger forces which shape their lives and the ways that they might challenge or counter-act these things.

For my first major work The Memory of History (2012) I travelled through ten European countries documenting the way the past was being manipulated to political ends in the context of the economic crisis and recession. In War Primer 3 (2013) I appropriated an appropriative work of photographic art to critique the method of its production and the wider inequitable economics of the world. More recent works include Metropole (2015) in which I critiqued the architectural transformation of London and the city’s growing inequality by subverting the imagery of London’s luxury and corporate developments. I have recently completed Shadows of the State, which has involved tracking and mapping the covert radio stations used by intelligence agencies to transmit coded instructions to their agents overseas.

Alongside my photographic practice, I write extensively on photography and visual culture, curate exhibitions, and am lecturer in documentary photography at London College of Communication and a visitor at other institutions around the United Kingdom.

My photography projects and writing have been published in Wired, Dezeen, Vice, The Daily Telegraph, American Suburb X, The Nation, World Press Photo Witness, 1000 Words Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Photomonitor, BBC News, Timeout, Harvard Design Magazine, Vice, Hyperallergic, Hotshoe, Fotografia, Failed Architecture, Svenska Dagbladet, It’s Nice That, B&W Photography Magazine, Tmrw Magazine, Featureshoot and more.

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Lewis Bush