Trading Zones
8 July 2018

Trading Zones

The dependence of global economices on financial services companies has made the ‘finance industry’ a matter of fierce public debate and strong opinion. But behind that reassuringly simple phrase is an enormously complex field, spanning diverse practices, cultures, and jurisdictions. Partly due to this complexity finance has suffers a dearth of representation, and yet it is a field with the potential to positively or negatively impact more lives than perhaps any other.

Trading Zones is a survey of finance, begun during six months spent as the 2018 Archisle photographer in residence at the Société Jersiaise on the Channel Island of Jersey. It employs a multi-method approach to the subject, engaging with different aspects of it through a constellation of techniques including conventional and cameraless photography, appropriated and manipulated imagery, architectural surveying, data visualisations, opinion polling, and more. The aim through these strategies is to represent finance not as something with a definable essence but as something which always take place elsewhere, and which is most visible not in things, but in the gaps between them.


Hong Kong, 9896 km

Survey Area 1

1469 – 1940

Legal Firm VI

Discretionary Trust (Jersey)

British Virgin Islands, 6490 km

Survey Area 7

1940 – 1945

Fund Managers II

Foundation (Jersey)

Greece, 2408 km

Survey Area 8

1961 – Present

Corporate Service Provider III

Incorporated Cell Company (Jersey)

Guernsey, 43.1 km