Trading Zones
8 July 2018

Trading Zones
(2018 –  Present)

Trading Zones is an ongoing project on international financial flows, with a particular focus on ‘offshore’ finance. While this topic has been photographed before, Trading Zones departs from the tendency to view tax havens in isolation, instead seeing the ‘offshore’ as something which is only possible because of a corresponding ‘onshore’ which permits and facilities these activities.

In the case of Trading Zones the relationship between onshore and offshore is crystalised in the relationship between the City of London, a medieval vestige turned financial hub in the heart of the Greater London, and the Bailiwick of Jersey, a semi-autonomous crown dependency turned financial hub in the English Channel, and where I was artist in residence for six months.

Trading Zones employs a multi-method approach to offshore finance, engaging with different aspects of it through a constellation of techniques including conventional and experimental photography, appropriated and manipulated imagery, architectural surveying, data visualisations, schematic diagrams, opinion polling, and interviews.

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United Arab Emirates, 5,572 km
Survey Area 1
1469 – 1940
Legal Firm VI
“Hyrax (K2) Scheme”
British Virgin Islands, 6490 km
Survey Area 7
1940 – 1945
Fund Managers II
“Clavis Liberty Fund”
Greece, 2408 km
Survey Area 8
1961 – Present
Corporate Service Provider III
The Green Jersey
Guernsey, 43.1 km