2 February 2015

(2014 – 2018)

Once the Metropole or mother city at the heart of a vast global empire, London is now the dominion to a new world power.

Subject to the flows of global finance and whims of markets, the city has become little more than an investment opportunity for multinational developers and overseas investors. Metropole records the brutally disorientating effects of this by documenting these legions of new corporate and residential blocks as they are constructed and occupied.

Multiple exposure photographs are combined with appropriated, repurposed photographs taken from the billboards of the developments, alongside extensive research into the property developers behind these schemes, including their extensive use of opaque offshore financial structures and unaccountable political lobbying.

Published by Overlapse Books, 2018

Featured in Fast Company, Landscape Stories, New Internationalist, Guillotine, Museum of London blog, Monovisions, Svenska Dagbladet, The British Journal of Photography, The PolySh, Lautre Quotidien, The Daily Telegraph, Les Architectures, Wired.com, GUP Magazine, American Suburb X, Failed Architecture, Metalocus, BBC Website, Le Cool London, Cradink, Timeout online, Dezeen, La Boiet Verte, Collector Daily, ArchiExpo, Fotoroom, It’s Nice That, The Photographers Gallery Blog, Black and White Photography Magazine, Fotografiamagazine.com, SPACE Magazine, and Photomonitor.

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