14 February 2024

When we say ‘the end of the world’ really what we mean is the end of humanity. But in many of the scenarios we imagine the world will carry on without us. Downfall is an experiment in speculative documentary, which uses AI generated imagery and a non-linear narrative to explore what the world after humankind might look like. These scenarios are based on extensive research into actual post-human enviroments.

Taking the part of a sole survivor, the reader chooses their own route through the abandoned ruins of a major capital city. Along the way some of the factors which led to the fall of humankind are revealed, from climate change and political extremism, to technological hubris and authoritarianism. The choice based narrative means each read through is unique, and both the locations visited and the precise combination of factors which led to the fall of human civilisation changes each time.

Downfall is illustrated using AI generated images which show familiar landmarks of modernity overtaken by nature. Animals roam abandoned supermarkets, roads are flooded by rivers which have escaped their culverts, and wildfires rages through financial districts in this speculative vision of our world’s possible future.

Book specifications:
– recycled paper soft cover in recycled clamshell box
– 500 pages
– 296 images
– 4000 word essay on climate change, AI and choice.

The book of this project is likely to be printed in very small numbers. You can pre-register for an opportunity to buy a copy here.