The Studio Workshops
26 March 2019

The Studio Workshops are a series of relatively low cost, intensive one day workshops I run from my studio in south London. They were borne out of my experience of teaching in often rather generic teaching spaces, I also found I could never physically carry all the resources I wanted to share in classes. I had a feeling that a workshop in a working photography space might be a better experience for participants and workshop organisers alike and I’m finally in a position to try this out. Running these workshops in my studio and home means that we are surrounded by photography the whole time, from my extensive photo book library to the boxes of ephemera collected during my projects.

The workshops themselves are designed to be highly specific in focus, learner orientated and emphasise as practical an possible in approach. Each workshop lasts one day (six hours, plus an hour for lunch) and the cost includes all workshop materials as well as lunch in my home next door to the studio. I also feel that the social element is also an important part of the workshop, time spent together over lunch means an additional opportunity to discuss the workshop themes and for everyone to get to know each other. Over time I hope this will build up to a network of people with like minded interests able to share advice and ideas with each other.

The studio includes:

-My archive of teaching materials and ephemera related to my projects
-A copy stand for documenting material produced during workshops
-A high end inkjet printer
-Magnetic walls for arranging prints during edits
-Flexible and custom made work surfaces

Testimonials from past participants:

‘It was a really informative day.  The form doesn’t give me enough space to say how helpful the experience was. … On top of all the great teaching, the day was friendly and fun.  The food was excellent, which is very important to me.  Your room works exceptionally well and it is easy to see how much thought you have given to the layout of the space, with clever hidden gems like the magnetic walls.’

– Nicola, Visual Storytelling participant

‘There really wasn’t any weak point during the day. As a busy working photographer predominantly delivering picture stories to clients, I found exploring the ‘science’ (for lack of a better word) behind much of what I instinctively do was absolutely fascinating.’

– Marcus, Visual Storytelling participant

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